Bargain Guns: Best Shotgun for the Money. Shooting Fundamentals, Videos. Top Shot Champion Chris Cheng demonstrates for beginners the basics of stance and grip with a rifle, and two common shooting positions.
5k: Place: Name: City: Bib No: Age: Gender: Age Group: Chip Time: Gun Time: Pace: 1: Michael Hoffman: Rochester NY: 270: 26: M: 1 25-29: 16:49: 16:49: 5:25/M: 2 ...
Dec 18, 2009 · But here's a bit of info for you: Numrich Arms' catalog #26 says that the Sears 101.40 was built by Stevens/Springfield (both affiliated under Savage...not sure of the relationship) over the years. Apparently, a change from one manufacturer to the other was made at some point during the era that Sears offered the model.
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