12 Gauge Pump Shotgun Recognition Guide. There are many 12 gauge shotguns that are very unique looking and easy to identify. This page is dedicated to the most common pump shotguns that people tend to confuse with each other.
May 31, 2015 · I am currently sitting in front of an almost completely disassembled Sears Model 101.510680 .410 single shot shotgun. Part of the hammer broke off yesterday while I was shooting skeet. Today, I removed the locking bolt and hammer pin (as identified by this Numrich Gun Parts schematic), and then a bunch of pieces fell apart inside the receiver.
(Kentucky) Heritage 6" 22LR & 16 Gauge Sears and Robuck Bolt Action Shotgun: $265: 08/18 19:52: Armslist (Greenville) Sears Model 101 single shot 410ga: $125: 08/15 08:03: Armslist (San Antonio) Winchester Sears Roebuck Lever Action Cal. 30-30: $225: 08/15 02:37: Armslist (Northern Kentucky) Sears 101.7 Stevens 311 16 gauge: $300: 08/14 08:48 ...
The Sears Roebuck Ranger Model 101.2 was made by Savage and is essentially the same thing as a Savage Model 238. The the Savage Model 238 was made in the period 1936-1945. The difference between a Socialist and a Communist is that the Socialist doesn't have all the guns yet.