(The foot of the lighthouse is at sea level.) 11.0 359 xample rairplane which had taken off from an airport traveled a ground distance (horizontal) of 3,660 feet. at is the angle of elevation from the point of take-off to the point when the plane has traveled 4, 150 feet through the air? Round to the nearest degree. COS 1.1150 1.1150
The first two round to a nearest value (ties to even and ties away from zero); the others are called directed roundings: towards zero, towards positive Directed roundings are pretty straightforward. In this article we'll take a detailed look on the round to the nearest; ties to even rule. It is the default...
Round your answer to the nearest whole number. The diameter is 10 inches. So, the radius is 5 inches. V = Bh Write formula for volume. 314 = ฯ€ (5)2(h) Substitute. 314 = 25 ฯ€ h Simplify. 4 โ‰ˆ h Divide each side by 25ฯ€. The height is about 4 inches. Find the volume V or height h of the cylinder. Round your answer to the nearest tenth. 1. 15 ft 4 ft V โ‰ˆ 2. h โ‰ˆ
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