Since PEX pipe is supplied in coils, installation can be completed in one continuous length without the need for extra fittings. PEX pipe can also be encased within a slab, which is commonly used for radiant floor heating. In cases where PEX pipe penetrates a concrete slab, it must be protected with a nonmetallic sleeve at the penetration point.
Hose Nipple, Material:304,316,304L,316L. Casting Process: Investment Casting. Thread: NPT,BSPT,BSP,DIN 2999,ISO 7/1/ISO 228.
Sealing black gas pipe fittings There is a fitting going from my furnace to my water heater that when I get really close, I can faintly smell gas. Is there anyway I can seal this fitting's leak without removing the fitting?
Plastic gas line, risers and fittings for direct burial use. Plastic gas line is used for outside underground service line to your house or building. Use only metal fuel gas piping indoors.