Dec 28, 2017 · The maxxforce 7 is a problem child but what isn't with the name maxxforce. It's the engine navistar supplied ford other wise none as 6.4 power stroke and it was a steaming pile in fords super duties. They had major regen issues that diluted the oil with fuel prematurely wearing all internal hard parts especially the overhead.
Does anyone know exactly how much oil is required for an oil/filter change? Will 6 quarts be enough? or is it really closer to 7? For my first change i'll be doing it via drain plug, so hard to measure how much comes out. International DT466 Engine International’s MaxxForce DT466E is the latest generation for one of the most enduring designs in modern diesel engine history. While its basic architecture has remained virtually the same for more than 40 years, internal components and systems have all advanced with the times.
engine oil capacity on a 7.3 ford engine , depends on the year the engine was made pre powerstroke engines capacity is 12 quarts powerstroke engines capacity is 14 quuarts.