However, the genre is also well suited for grimmer less clear-cut adventures as shown by Bretonnia-RPG. Bretonnia-RPG started as a fan-supplement for the original edition of WFRP (Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play, 1986).
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Aug 06, 2010 · It requires a fair amount of fiddly work to yank it free of the moorings of the College structure, which I've always *hated*. Thankfully, WFRP 1e still works just fine, and it's one of the three non-D&D games I still own (the others being Classic Traveller and T&T 5th).
May 11, 2011 · Thanks to Joseph Goodman, I recently received an advance copy of the Dungeon Crawl Classics Adventure Starter that'll be released to the public on Free RPG Day next month. The Adventure Starter consists of two adventures, one for 0-1st level characters and another for 5th level characters. Though very short, the adventures are quite interesting ...