Is your tire pressure monitoring system light blinking or simply staying on? Easily schedule an appointment and let our tire technicians Our tire technicians at Goodyear Auto Service will test each TPMS sensor to make sure it's working properly, then either reset the sensors or replace them.
How to Reset Tire Pressure Sensor Dodge Ram Technology is a wonderful thing, unless of course it’s out to annoy you. Like when you know for a fact that your tires are properly inflated, yet there is that annoying light on your dash that makes you second guess yourself.
applications:please verify your oem part number from your original unit to help ensure fitment.this is a 100% new pre-programmed aftermarket replacement for your original tpms sensor for various chrysler, dodge and jeep applications. the auction is for a single tpms sensor and valve stem only.
On a 2015 Dart (or other Dodge products possibly), If you are showing ----- or a blank line for one of your tires and the sensor DOES work....program it to the vehicle by: Make sure tires are up to pressure. Bring up the tire pressure screen where it shows the tpms pressure at the four wheels.