The Cook King Series is here to make cooking easier than ever. From your Pakistani favorite dishes, to recipes from around the world, the cooking microwave will prepare the dish for you with a press of the button. Choose from a range of elegant designs & various capacities to suit your requirement.
Defrosting. All microwaves will help you to defrost food. You can do this by using auto-defrost, as mentioned above, which is easy: you simply input the food's weight and the microwave sets the best program. Alternatively, you can program the defrost yourself by setting the power level and time based on instructions in the microwave's manual.
When using the microwave and fan cooking + microwave function, you should avoid using metal containers, forks, spoons, knives or metal fasteners or staples for freezer bags. The contents of bottles or jars for babies must be stirred or shaken and the temperature must be checked before use, in order to avoid burns.