My buddy's '98 Frontier (4-banger, 5-speed) is getting hard to shift and clutch pedal free play is large -- pedal seems to travel almost halfway before hitting resistance and starting to act on the clutch mechanism. I guess it must not be fully disengaging, causing the hard shifting/grinding. How is free play adjust on a Frontier?
Aug 20, 2014 · Other symptoms of a clutch hydraulic system problem can include a hard or soft clutch pedal, the clutch pedal to be slow to return to the top of its travel, a clutch pedal that may stick midway in ...
Sometimes this issue of the clutch not fully engaging but slipping could be caused due to the dirt build-up inside. Cleaning the clutch thoroughly might be the simplest solution to this problem. You could also try lubricating the system with a good quality lubricant. This might free up the clutch and thus prevent the squeaking noise.
˜ Does not disengage - Fan clutch won’t slow down when engine is cold. Other Cooling Systems Problems Affecting Fan Clutch Operation ˜ Plugged radiator (inside or outside) can delay or eliminate fan clutch engagement. ˜ Partially opened thermostat does not allow full coolant flow to the radiator.