Seriously, look into Rye grain substrate into casing layers, it is on shroomery too, so it should be easy to find. Damion5050 Well-Known Member. May 1, 2008 #77 Is this what I am looking for ?? Shroomery - From syringe to print using rye . Damion5050 Well-Known Member. May 1, 2008 #78
Casing too late, and you will damage the mycelia and again, spoil the crop. Make sure that your soil is moist, but not wet. Then firm it down just so that you are making sure that there will be good contact and no air pockets. I add a layer of straw over the casing at this stage to make sure that the moisture is kept in.
This is known as the casing layer. Alternatively you could also use 50% compost (peat-free is fine) and 50% chalk or lime. The lime is necessary as mushrooms prefer to grow in alkaline conditions. Maintain a moist, humid atmosphere as mushrooms develop by keeping the casing layer moist but not wet.
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