Place the QIAamp spin column in a clean 2 ml collection tube (provided), and discard the tube containing the filtrate. Do not over tighten caps. If caps are tightened until they snap they may loosen during centrifugation and subsequently damage the centrifuge. 8. Carefully open the QIAamp spin column and add 500µl Buffer AW1 without wetting ...
③向 RNA Spin Column 膜中央加入 350μl Buffer RWB, 12000rpm 离心 30s, 弃滤液。 12.重复步骤 10 13.空转,12000rpm 离心 2min。 14.将 RNA Spin Column 安置于 1.5mL 的 RNase Free Collection Tube(试剂 盒内提供) ,在膜中央加入 50μl 的 RNase Free dH2O,静置 5min。 15.12000rpm 离心 2min 洗脱 RNA。
Bone powders are digested with proteinase K, and the DNA is purified directly using silica‐based spin columns (QIAquick™, QIAGEN). The efficiency of this protocol is demonstrated using human bone samples ranging in age from 15 to 5,000 years old.
Aug 17, 2015 · The columns are compatible with the QIAGEN 24-port vacuum manifold we already had in the lab, the protocol was amenable to doing 24 preps in a batch, and the house vacuum system in our building was strong enough to pull liquid through all 24 columns at once. Importantly, all of the columns ran consistently and reasonably quickly.